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Uses of antimony ore

Uses of antimony ore

The use of antimony ore has attracted people's attention with the wide application of antimony ore in people's daily life and industry. Understanding the use of antimony ore is of great significance to better grasp the causes of antimony ore.



Gong Wen: "There is no small matter in people's livelihood"

At the age of 24, he gave up his decent job in the provincial capital and returned to his hometown to take over Hunan Loudi Huaxing Antimony Co., Ltd. Through scientific and technological innovation, system innovation, and honest management, after more than ten years of hard work, he has developed a township enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy into a group company integrating non-ferrous trade, agriculture and forestry technology, and machinery manufacturing. The company's annual output value is nearly 500 million yuan, and the annual tax payment is more than 8 million yuan, creating many jobs, and he has won many awards. He is Gong Wen, a member of the Standing Committee of the 17th National People's Congress of Xinhua County and the general manager of Hunan Huaxing Group.



"Wonderful Zhangjiajie, Happy Huaxing People" —— Briefing of 2017 Staff Travel Activities of Huaxing Antimony Industry in Loudi, Hunan

In order to enrich the spare-time life of the company’s employees, broaden their horizons, get close to nature, relax after stressful work, enhance understanding, enhance feelings, and strengthen corporate culture, the company organized a three-day Zhangjiajie tourism event in May 2017 .

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